Borderlands 2 bank slots

borderlands 2 bank slots

Store Page. Borderlands 2 Bank slots increase. Since I'm I already have a lot of weapons and classmods, but now the bank is full. But I still. The bank returns in Borderlands 2 in the form of a large vault door. Only the level 10 Bank Upgrade is needed to gain the maximum Bank slots, there's no. Title says it all, is there a way to mod my save to add bank slots? Theres something about it in the Borderlands 2 editor but I can never get it to. borderlands 2 bank slots

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Tiny Tina DLC, find a Fireball or Lightning Bolt grenade and keep it in your inventory, when those grenades are equipped they regenerate grenades. The easiest, and only way that I know of is to use Gibbed to overstuff the bank with any bankable item, and then swap it out with what you want to keep You must swap or you will lose the space. Thank you for your interest in this question. Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. But can you elaborate a bit on what these values actually represent? Since I'm finally at the end of the game in OP 8 the time for has come to farm the best of all the weapons and things that there are to collect. I never knew that! Then you can purchase more Bank upgrades at the black market. It just doesn't increase. The Bank or Marcus Bank is a feature added with Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot , allowing players to store items from their character's inventory. The bank is located in The Underdome. Advertise Media Kit Contact. Also, does the Captain Scarlett DLC add anymore bank slots? I mean, player storage when maxed out in BL1 would be around 49 or 52 or something. Powered by neoforums v3. Games Movies TV Wikis. With the second controller you can create as many additional characters you want just for the purpose for storing your extra loot. When I start getting a lot of money, I give most of this to one of these additional characters, so I don't lose so much if my main character dies. Oct 30, 12 at 3: Sign up for free! Farming the Armory will net you a Pearlescent one in every 3 or so tries at least it did for me UVHM stretches you out at times. Access to the bank is achieved by talking to the Claptrap in the tuxedo, who acts as the cashier.

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